NSWanderers are restarting our hash!

Proactive changes to our practices in light of the continuing Covid situation:

· wash your hands or use a hand sanitiser (will be supplied)

· No port stop, or only provide food that is fully wrapped such as mini chock-bar selections.

· There will be no bucket, BYO drinks

· No down down drinks as such - just drink some of what you have already.

· The Hare will NOT be booking an On Inn venue – if you want to stay at circle or nearby to continue to socialise, then BYO food or get takeaway; and/or make other individual arrangements

Hash is a voluntary activity – and we’d love to see you there again, use common sense and exercise your own judgement as to your personal risk factors in the context of social mixing / physical distancing / hashing.

The hare list has been updated so please check out your new run date. Please trade with someone if the date does not suit and then advise the web wanker,


Lost Jewels (aka Darren Kelly)


0437 617 498

NSWHHH Upcoming Runs

06-Jul-20 RUN 798 Cod Piece - Meet at Weaver Park - corner of Military Rd and Murdoch St Cremorne.

On In Minskys Hotel at Cremorne Junction.

13-Jul-20 RUN 799 Margarita

20-Jul-20 RUN 800 Ozmoses - Get ready to celebrate !!!

800th RUN, Come & Join NSWHHH for “Nachos in the Park”, Cake & full bucket!

All for $15. Cameron Park, Cnr Eastern Road & Gilroy Road, TURRAMURRA

*PLEASE let Fookarwee know, for catering, if you are coming along, thanks!

carol@carolsweddings.com.au or 0418 276 808

27-Jul-20 RUN 801 Parking Pussy

Latest Hash Trash - Run 796

Hare: Love Bra & Parking Pussy "or was it" Parking Pussy & Love Bra

Location: Kirribilli

ON-ON: Kirribilli Hotel

The winter solstice celebrates the longest hours of darkness or the rebirth of the sun and is believed to hold a powerful energy for regeneration, renewal and self-reflection. In Pagan times the winter solstice was referred to as Yule and was a celebration of the Goddess (Moon) energy. And I always thought Yuletide was Australian slang for, “you’ll be tired”……

Circle up in Milson Park in Kirribilli and our Religious Advisor Next Week chanted, “Rain no wet us, wind no chill us and dogs no bite us” which was fine, but the Moon Goddess had other ideas.

So we headed off and soon came upon Kesterton Park which was originally a Whaling allotment, taken up by Kemmis and Brown in 1830. This started stirring up an ire with the Moon Goddess but we continued on.

Next port of call was Sub Base Platypus which was formerly a torpedo factory, submarine base and gasworks. More negative energy for our Goddess, but still we persisted.

Entering Anderson Park which was created following reclamation of the head of Neutral Bay in the 1890’s our Goddess let loose, so we sacrificed a Virgin in the form of Karma to relinquish her ire. Fookarwee and Osmoses offered up their sacrifice of fermented grape juice and mash of the field and this placated our Goddess until we reached Hayes Street Wharf in Neutral Bay.

Before continuing I should mention that in 1934 Kingford Smith (1897 – 1935) and co-pilot Gordon Taylor (1896 – 1966) took off from Anderson Park on a promotional flight over Sydney to Mascot in a Lockheed single engine plane, then the world’s fastest plane. Luckily Gordon was not on Smithy’s life ending flight in 1935 over the Bay of Bengal.

Back to the Wharf and our hostess was offering up her food and spirits but with no Virgin in sight, our Moon Goddess decided to remove some of the arrows on the way home. Our Port Stop included singularly wrapped salted root vegetables and fruits of the cacao plant along with easy peeling citrus fruits and essences of the river. i.e. chips, chockies, mandarins and water.

Finding our way home up and down “dunny lanes” we quickly crossed Ben Boyd Road to nullify the wrath of our Goddess. Ben Boyd (1801 – 1851) was a major shipowner, banker, grazier, politician and SLAVER, exploiting South Sea Islander labour in the colony of New South Wales. Very politically incorrect in the current climate.

We avoided Anderson Park on the return and soon found ourselves in the Circle chanting our Pagan rituals and celebrating Codpiece’s birthday. The idea of celebrating your birth is a Pagan tradition. Pagans thought that evil spirits lurked on the days of major changes, like the day you turn a year older. Christians originally did not celebrate birthdays because of the link to Paganism.

Runner’s Report by All4s with a score of 9.75/10 was redolent (word of the day) of last week’s score while Tart’s Walker’s Report was given a 10/10. LoveBra liked celebrating by drinking an invisible beer. See Nswhashflash pictures on Facebook.

The OnInn at the Kirribilli Hotel became an IQ table and chair test with Lost Jewels and LoveBra as they sorted out the seating arrangements with Covid-19 in the forefront of everyone’s minds. Lovely Pagan hamburgers and chicken schnitzels as well as Paleo steaks cooked to perfection.

An excellent night for lovers of Pagan rites and rituals.

Your honorary scribe,


Who is NSWHHH and what do we do!

  • Sydney's North Shore & surrounding areas
  • Mondays at 6:30 pm - rain, hail or shine
  • Newcomers and visitors welcome, fit or not
  • Walk, jog, run, shortcut or whatever you like
  • Approx 5 km walk and 8 km run (aim for 1 hour duration)
  • After, stay for a cheap dinner in a local eatery
  • If you want to know more - contact
    • Social Sex (Secretary): Fookarwee (Contact Carol on 0418 276 808)
  • Photos can be found here ... https://www.facebook.com/nswhash.flash

Upcoming Special Event(s)


Sites of Sydney + Find Points of Interest Hash Trail'

· Question sheets to complete & rewards for answers!!

MEET NOON - at the bottom of the Harbour Bridge stairs at Milsons Point

Walk across the bridge & into Botanic Gardens etc...

LUNCH – 2:30pm - On On Harbour View Hotel,

18 Lower Fort Street Dawes Point, The Rocks.

Go upstairs to bistro area, where you can order your own drinks & meal from the bar.

WEEKEND AWAY - Friday 6 to Sunday 8 November 2020 (Fri & Sat 2 night stay)

  • Beachcomber Hotel, 200 Main Road, Toukley
  • Ph: 4397 1300.
  • Waterfront rooms viewing lake & pool with balcony
  • $80.00 per room per night (pay on arrival). Group booking rate!
  • Call to book & say you are with North Shore Wanderers to receive deal.
  • Flyer with more info coming.

19th Aussie Nash Hash in 2021

The Hare list for 2020 is listed at the very end of this web page

Important – If you can’t be hare on your nominated date, please try and switch with another hare for a more convenient date. Tell the HR/WW about the change! so the website can be updated!!

If you have a special run/date upon which you want to set the run, please contact the Hare Raiser asap


At our AGPU (AGM) on Mon 11th Nov at the Greengate Hotel the new mismanagement Committee was appointed for 2019-2020:

  • Grand Master (President): Lost Jewels (Contact Darren on 0437 617 498)
  • Religious Adviser (Vice President): Next Week
  • Hash Cash (Treasurer): All Fours
  • Social Sex (Secretary): Fookarwee & Hash Royal Hussy (Contact Fookarwee (Carol) on 0418 276 808)
  • Wine Mistress and Beer Meister: Fookarwee & Tart
  • Web Wanker/Hare Raiser: Ozmoses (Contact John on 0409 227 205 or johngorr@optusnet.com.au)
  • Scribe: vacant - looking for volunteers...
  • Beer Wench: Parking Pussy
  • Haberdashery: Over The Top
  • Choir Master: Love Bra
  • Hash Flash: Bad Bag Lady
  • Trail Master: All Fours

More Information!

We are Sydney’s newest Hash and are actively looking for people to join us. If you have found out about us from one of our flyers, thank you for following up and welcome! Please read on and see if this is for you. You are more than welcome to just come along to see what we do, no obligation. For locations of our upcoming runs, see above.

The Hash is an international phenomenon started over 80 years ago, with groups found in most places of the globe, all over Australia, and the best of which can be found in Sydney.

We get together every Monday evening to go for a walk/jog/run that lasts about one hour. Our trail is set by the ‘hare’ and is marked with (environmentally friendly) chalk or flour, forming the trail that we Hashers follow. The trail is set in a different part of town each week, depending on the whim of the hare for that week. After the ‘run’, we have a drink or two to quench a well-earned thirst and afterwards, there is an open invitation to a cheap and cheerful dinner close by.

Newcomers are always warmly welcomed and will be matched with a friendly old-timer to show you the ropes. No experience necessary! Please come along and see if you like us. The first time is free and after that the usual cost is $5, which includes drinks at the post-mortem circle and at the dinner.

If you don’t live or work close to the North Shore, then please give one of the other Sydney Hashes a try .

How Did We Come About?

A bunch of us belonged to various Hashes for years but over time and with circumstances changing (such as moving with work or family) we got too far away from them for it to be convenient to attend. As we live and/or work on the North Shore and there is no Hash convenient to us, we decided to start a new one. With the large number of people working around the North Shore and similarly, the large number of people that we see out in the neighbourhood either walking, jogging or running, we decided to give it a go. Thus the North Shore Wanderers were born (over many beers and wines at Trust Me’s on a Saturday evening in late August 2004).

With a lot of work put in by the committee and encouragement from many seasoned Hashers, our first run on 15 November 2004 was spectacular. More people turned up than we ever imagined and we thank them all for getting us off to a great start. However, the serious effort now begins with the objective of introducing as many new people on the North Shore to Hashing (and the Wanderers, of course) as possible. As they say, the more the merrier.

Please let me take this opportunity to thanks the following Hashers for their encouragement and support in the early days:

Dirty Weekend, Lady Di, Right Said, Double Pay, Top Bunk and Mistletoe. I also want to thank the two harriettes who got me into Hashing all those years ago, namely Eveready and WD40.

What Are We?

Many people like to pound the pavement in isolation or to a stopwatch, we like to do it together in a non-competitive way. We’re just a bunch of normal people who like to keep fit and socialize. It is much easier to motivate yourself if you have a regular commitment and a group of friends who participate. We do not charge membership fees and we are not a club. You simply contribute a set amount (currently $5) for the drinks each week.

Our Objective

Our objective is for everyone to join in and be social, we thus ensure that people are not walking the suburbs on their own. The runners/joggers/walkers usually leave in groups and they (sometimes) get a map of the trail so they can decide how much of the trail they can fit in within a reasonable time limit. The Trail Master marks the trail with helpful arrows once the right trail has been identified.

About the Hash

The Hash House Harriers is a world-wide phenomenon. There are many other websites that can tell you the full history of the Hash so I won’t go into it here. We do not (usually) advertise, and mostly people hear about us by word-of-mouth.

Each week, we run in a different but pre-determined part of town and a person is nominated to set the 'run', this person is referred to as the 'Hare'. The run is marked with chalk, flour or paper (whatever degrades quickly) which the rest of us (called the 'pack') follow. The objective is for all people (walkers, joggers and runners) to get back at the same time. This is achieved by laying ‘false trails’ and ‘on-backs’. In essence, we are a non-competitive bunch. After the run we form a 'circle' and have fun as we talk about the run.

The evening finishes off with everybody going to an arranged place for dinner, usually a reasonably priced, down-market restaurant, someone's house or some other special arrangement. Then we go home and do it again the next week in a new location with a new Hare.


To identify ourselves from the other people on the street, (other than the familiar calling of "on-on") most of us wear a Hash shirt of some kind. These are plentiful and all Hashes frequently produce them for special events. Check with the Haberdash for available items such as T-shirts, polos or rugby tops.

The Rules

Rule 1 – There are no rules!

Rule 2 – See rule 1!

Mis-guided Principles

Although there are no rules, the following mis-guided principles have been put together and are generally ignored:

  1. NSWHHH aim to cater for runners, joggers, walkers.
  2. Committee members should be given a break and not be in the same position in consecutive years (unless elected in absentia, or it's a really pissy job that no one else wants).
  3. The Annual General Piss-Up (AGPU) to select a new committee is to be held annually in November.
  4. Runs are to be set predominately on the North Shore, or wherever the hare of the day decides.

The Details

The founding committee has after long and arduous deliberations, amply lubricated by beer and wine, decided on the following in terms of running the Hash:

  1. We run on Monday nights at 6:30 pm.
  2. The hare supplies at least two maps of the run, one for the Trail Master and one for the walkers.
  3. A grog bucket will be available at the circle.
  4. Run fees $5 for everybody except virgins (have never hashed before). Any claims to virginity will be subject to examination by the committee. This fee covers the run and circle activities. You turn up, you pay.
  5. A pre-run circle is held with instructions by the Hare on the trail ("clearly marked, no one should get lost"), and to introduce visitors and virgins.
  6. During the pre-run circle, the RA will pair up any virgins or out-of-town visitors with a local Hasher to help prevent them from getting lost, and introducing ones self.
  7. During daylight saving, Hares should be mindful that "too much bush is barely enough".
  8. The Hash Cash will keep track of the number of runs people attend.

Contact Us

You can call us (see Committee listing for phone numbers) or e-mail us (may be very slow to respond). Join our mailing list (click on "Join Mailing List Only" in the confirmation email).

Hash Hymns

Singing is a tradition in Hash and is what sets us apart. Here is our theme song.

The North Shore Wanderers’ Song (To: I’m A Wanderer)Oh well, I'm the type of Hasher who will never slow downWhere the beers are drunk, well you know that I'm aroundI swig 'em and I down 'em 'cause to me they're all the sameI’ll run and I’ll call On On as Hashing is it’s nameThe Hash call me the Wanderer, yeah the Wanderer‘Cos I run around-around-around-around-around Oh well, there's a torch in my left and a beer in my rightAnd a Harriette is the girl, that I'll be with tonightAnd when she asks me what I love the bestI’ll show her my dirty hash shirt all sweaty on the chest'Cos I'm a Wanderer, yeah a WandererI run around-around-around-around-aroundOh well, I run from town to townI go through life, always with a beerAnd I'm happy when I get a down downAnd a fist or two of beer, but I'm going nowhere, aahI'm the type of Hasher that likes to run aroundI'm never in one place, I run from town to townAnd when I find myself a-running at the backA walker takes a short cutAnd makes it to the frontI'm a Wanderer, yeah a WandererI run around-around-around-around-aroundOh yeah, I'm the type of Hasher that likes to run aroundI'm never in one place, I run from town to townAnd when I find myself a-running at the backA walker takes a short-cutAnd makes it to the front'Cos I'm a Wanderer, yeah a WandererI run around-around-around-around-around 'Cos I'm a Wanderer, yeah a WandererI run around-around-around-around-around

Notices of upcoming events

2019/2020 Run List Correct as at 27 May 2020

Important – If you can’t be hare on your nominated date, please try and switch with another hare for a more convenient date.

Date Run # Hare

16-Dec-19 RUN 783 & Xmas Party All 4's

23-Dec-19 Christmas New Year Break

30-Dec-19 Christmas New Year Break

06-Jan-20 RUN 784 Bad Bag Lady

13-Jan-20 RUN 785 Bren Gun

20-Jan-20 RUN 786 Flaming Balls

27-Jan-20 No run - Australia day holiday

03-Feb-20 RUN 787 Fookarwee

10-Feb-20 RUN 788 Hash Royal Hussey

17-Feb-20 RUN 789 Hill of Grace

24-Feb-20 RUN 790 Short Sheeter

02 -Mar-20 RUN 791 In Quick

09-Mar-20 RUN 792 Karma Sutra

16-Mar-20 RUN 793 Slippery Crutch

1-Jun-20 RUN 794 Lost Jewels

15-Jun-20 RUN 795 Leyland

22-Jun-20 RUN 796 Love Bra

29-Jun-20 RUN 797 Candlesticks

06-Jul-20 RUN 798 Cod Piece

13-Jul-20 RUN 799 Margarita

20-Jul-20 RUN 800 Ozmoses

27-Jul-20 RUN 801 Parking Pussy

03-Aug-20 RUN 802 Next Week

10-Aug-20 RUN 803 Over the Top

17-Aug-20 RUN 804 Tart

24-Aug-20 RUN 805 Rocky

31-Aug-20 RUN 806 Chatterbox

07-Sep-20 RUN 807 Touchy Feely

14-Sep-20 RUN 808 Lone Ranger

21-Sep-20 RUN 809 Doc

28-Sep-20 RUN 810 Vixen

05-Oct-20 NO RUN Labour Day

12-Oct-20 RUN 811 Prawn Run

19-Oct-20 RUN 812 Bondi

26-Oct-20 RUN 813 Old Boar

02-Nov-20 RUN 814 Boomerang

09-Nov-20 RUN 815 Short Sheeter

16-Nov- 20 RUN 816 AGPU (Fookarwee)