About Us

Who are we?

The Hash House Harriers is a world-wide phenomenon started over 80 years ago in Kuala Lumpur, with groups now found in most places of the globe. They exist all over Australia, and in Sydney there are seven hash groups that run on various nights each week and several that run periodically.

Our group, the North Shore Wanderers, are just normal people who like to keep fit together in a non-competitive way. We meet each Monday at 6.30pm and the nominated person - the Hare - decides where the run starts and sets a 'trail' with chalk, flour or paper for the rest of us follow.

A well set trail aims to have the walkers and runners finish at the same time and this is achieved by laying 'false trails' and 'on-backs' to slow down the faster hashers or 'short cuts' to aid the walkers. We are a non-competitive group and after the run we socialise with refreshments and finish off with dinner at a reasonably priced restaurant or bbq/picnic if the weather permits.

Newcomers are always warmly welcomed and will be matched with a friendly experienced Hasher to show you the ropes. No experience necessary!

Come along and see if you like us. The first time is free and after that you'll pay a $5 run fee.

If you don’t live or work close to the North Shore, then please give one of the other Sydney Hashes a try .


To identify ourselves from the other people on the street, most of us wear a Hash shirt of some kind. These are plentiful and all Hashes frequently produce them for special events. Check with the Haberdash for available items such as T-shirts, polos or rugby tops.

A message from our founder

A bunch of us belonged to various Hashes for years but over time and with circumstances changing (such as moving with work or family) we got too far away from them for it to be convenient to attend. As we live and/or work on the North Shore and there is no Hash convenient to us, we decided to start a new one. With the large number of people working around the North Shore and similarly, the large number of people that we see out in the neighbourhood either walking, jogging or running, we decided to give it a go. Thus the North Shore Wanderers were born (over many beers and wines at Trust Me’s on a Saturday evening in late August 2004).

With a lot of work put in by the committee and encouragement from many seasoned Hashers, our first run on 15 November 2004 was spectacular. More people turned up than we ever imagined and we thank them all for getting us off to a great start.

Please let me take this opportunity to thanks the following Hashers for their encouragement and support in the early days:

Dirty Weekend, Lady Di, Right Said, Double Pay, Top Bunk and Mistletoe. I also want to thank the two harriettes who got me into Hashing all those years ago, namely Eveready and WD40.

On On: Trust Me

Our Rules

Rule 1 – There are no rules!

Rule 2 – See rule 1!

Mis-guided Principles

Although there are no rules, the following mis-guided principles have been put together and are generally ignored:

  1. NSWHHH aim to cater for runners, joggers, walkers

  2. Committee members should be given a break and not be in the same position in consecutive years (unless elected in absentia, or it's a really pissy job that no one else wants)

  3. The Annual General Piss-Up (AGPU) to select a new committee is to be held annually in November

  4. Runs are to be set predominately on the North Shore, or wherever the hare of the day decides

The Details

The founding committee has after long and arduous deliberations, amply lubricated by beer and wine, decided on the following in terms of running the Hash:

  1. We run on Monday nights at 6:30 pm

  2. The hare supplies at least two maps of the run, one for the Trail Master and one for the walkers

  3. Refreshments will be available at the circle

  4. Run fees $5 for everybody except virgins (have never hashed before). Any claims to virginity will be subject to examination by the committee. This fee covers the run and circle activities. You turn up, you pay

  5. A pre-run circle is held with instructions by the Hare on the trail ("clearly marked, no one should get lost"), and to introduce visitors and virgins

  6. During the pre-run circle, the RA will pair up any virgins or out-of-town visitors with a local Hasher to help prevent them from getting lost, and introducing ones self

  7. During daylight saving, Hares should be mindful that "too much bush is barely enough"

  8. The Hash Cash will keep track of the number of runs people attend