At our AGPU (AGM) on Mon 16th Nov at Roseville Club the new mismanagement Committee was appointed for 2020-2021:

  • Grand Master(Stand In): Love Bra

  • Religious Adviser (Stand In): Lost Jewels

  • Hash Cash (Treasurer): Lost Jewels

  • Social Sex (Secretary): Over The Top

  • Beer Meister: Old Boar

  • Web Wanker/Hare Raiser: Next Week (Contact

  • Scribe: Appointed each run

  • Beer Wench: Appointed each run

  • Haberdashery: All Fours

  • Choir Master: Ad hoc

  • Hash Flash: Ad hoc

  • Trail Mistress: All Fours

Here are the old committee looking happy that they have handed over their jobs ...

but they are nearly all on the new committee - plus 2 others