Me Knob is planning to produce a Wanderers Hash Book and is looking for contributions from all hashers

NSWHHH’s Hash Book

The intent of the Hash Book is to:

  • explain to people that newer heard about hash what it is about

  • familiarize new members with the history, rules and concepts of the hashing group

  • preserve history of the hashing group

  • gather different point of views and opinions on hash related topics from the hashing group individuals (NOTE: I know that there is a bunch of information already on the internet about setting a run or rules of hash, but the idea of the book is to get your opinion on these topics)

You can write on more than one topic!

Text can be written on paper or prepared electronically. Bring your text to one of the Monday runs to Me Knob or send it here ->

Deadline: 14/06/2021

Below is a list of topics with leading questions to help you out. You don’t have to answer all of the leading questions regarding your topic.

What is Hashing?

Story, definitions, etc. page dedicated for trail symbols with pictures and explanation of “On On” “On In” “On Back” “Are you?” etc. Basic info that allows newcomers to understand how the run works.

How it started (NSWHHH ~2000?)

When it started? Founding fathers and mother? How many members? Why new club? For whom? Rules of NSWHHH. How it’s different from other clubs.

Years 2000-2010

Most important/memorable events that took place between 2000-2010 for the hashing group. Runs/social events that defined the group in that time. Committee for those years. Old members that left (haven’t run after) new members that joined.

Years 2010-2020

Most important/memorable events that took place between 2000-2010 for the hashing group. Runs/social events that defined the group in that time. Committee for those years. Old members that left (haven’t run after) new members that joined.

Plans for the future

What the group is striving for in the next 10years? What may likely to happen? Hopes and dreams? Possible difficulties?

NSWHHH rules

Rules, when we run, when we don’t run, half-way bucket, how long is run/walk.


Roles and importance committee members. List committee roles in the group. How often it changes, how it changes, who chooses next committee.

The art of bucket

How the bucket changed over the years. How important is the bucket. Preferences in alcohol. Odd/special requests. Beermeister responsibilities.

How to set a run

All basic information needed to set a run according to hashing group.

Crafting a perfect trail

How to prepare a 10/10, memorable run, distance, scenery, trail ideas, marking tips and tricks, winter/summer runs.

Special runs

Stories of special runs that group had, clothing, occasion like 500, 1000, etc., A to B run, live hare run.

When unexpectedly everything goes wrong

Weather, pandemic, flood, bushfires, smokes, dogs, cars, accidents, all the things that affect the run and how to ideally deal with it, and how it usually goes, stories.

Social part of run/venues

Importance of dining/social part after the bucket, recipe for perfect diner, how it changed over the years, best food eaten, stories.

Naming, Handle the handle

When you’re a given a name? Who’s a virgin? Importance of name. How to find a great name? Examples of names and stories behind them. Name changing/evolving.


Importance of hashing gear, types of hashing gear, logos, colours, pictures.

Just hash stories

Stories about hash you would like to share.

Why do I Hash

Tell us why do you hash.

Interhash, Nashhash

What it is, where it was, how it is.

Other hash groups in Sydney

Say something nice about other hash groups in the area and how they are different.


List of songs with short description when they are sung.


Pictures from the hash.


Chapter Title:


When started hashing and with whom:

Most memorable run: (up to 5 sentences)

Text: (min 3 pages, please attach any pictures, drawing, schematics if applicable)

Example of filled form

Chapter Title: Setting a perfect trail - Keeping pack together

Handle: (Polish) Me Knob

When started hashing and with whom: First run - Big Boner’s (work mate) run at Pymble with Larrikins in 2020. I was allowed to leave the work earlier if I joined, what I thought then, was a race. Terrible people and awful beer kept me running since.

Most memorable run: I know hash is not a race, but… back in 2020 I had some friendly rivalry with Impi who at the time was running at exactly same pace as me. Have no idea where the run was set, but we were both running uphill for couple of kilometres, and I was just couple of meters behind him the whole time. The image of determination represented by his sweat pouring T-shirt haunts me in my dreams.

Text: Keeping the pack together should’ve been one of the fundamental rules of hash if there ever were any. The difference between running together is almost like between run and a race. And hash is not a race :) . The idea of running together and socializing is imbedded into the activity. However, I strongly believe that running together shouldn’t be a limiting factor for front runners making them run slower, nor should it be a mental whip for those in the back trying to keep up with the rest. Bringing the pack together throughout the run should be only a responsibility of the hare. Anyone who set a run knows that it is not an easy task. Hopefully, there are some measures that could help bring people closer:

· on-back

· check

· split

· shortcut

On-back. The easiest way to avoid the pack splitting into groups of different speed is adding an on-back.

(…some text describing idea and pictures, etc.)

If you have front runners in a group you should consider couple additional on-backs just for them!

Check. (…text to be prepared…)

Split. (…text to be prepared…)

Shortcut. (…text to be prepared…)

Some final thoughts (…text to be prepared…).